The Imperfect Shot

The Imperfect Shot

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The perfect gift for the imperfect Shot! A very humourous collection of experiences, faux pas and misdemeanours in the shooting field with anecdotes and tales of many light-hearted incidents from throughout the world.



The perfect gift for the imperfect Shot! A very humourous collection of experiences, faux pas and misdemeanours in the shooting field with anecdotes and tales of many light-hearted incidents from throughout the world.

It gives some novel excuses for pickers-up who have failed to find their quarry. In similar vein, during the author’s years as a gamekeeper, it was often necessary to think on the hoof and deliver a plausible reason as to why a particular drive didn’t go exactly as it should. Sometimes the explanations were so outrageous as to be laughable – which often diffused a potentially difficult situation – and on occasion, caused a comment such as, ‘I’ve never heard that one before… how did you think that one up?’ To which the author inevitably replied; ‘The Gamekeeper’s Book of Excuses… page 58’!.

  • A wonderful collection of shooting excuses, gaffes and blunders from the sublime to the ridiculous
  • ‘Tongue-in-cheek’ advice is offered to those who have committed the minor faux pas and misdemeanours on the shooting field
  • Written by renowned author Jeremy Hobson
  • Hilariously illustrated by Oliver Preston
  • The perfect shooting gift


Jeremy Hobson was, for well over 30 years, employed as a gamekeeper and, for much of the last decade, as shoot captain on a prestigious West Sussex estate – as a result of which, he has seen much of what might possibly occur during a shooting day! An author and writer throughout that time, Jeremy’s country-based articles have appeared in most of the relevant sporting magazines and he has had published well over 30 books – three of which: The Shoot Lunch (978-1-84689-092-5); Success with Chickens (978-1-84689-093-2) and Sporting Lodges (978-1-84689-168-7), have been for Quiller.

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Sub Heading Shooting Excuses, Gaffes and Blunders
ISBN 9781846892080
Author Jeremy Hobson with illustrations by Oliver Preston
Binding Hardback
Extent 246 x 189mm 152 pages
Illustrations Colour drawings
Ebook No

'One to dip into and enjoy. The text and illustrations, the latter by Oliver Preston, are both integral parts of the book and I am not sure which I enjoyed the most. The jokes are not all to do with shooting and I liked the one about the Land Rovers - "They say 90 per cent of all Land Rovers manufactured are still on the road. The other 10 per cent have reached their destination".' Ray Collier, Highland News Group 

'From excuses for missing, including the safety catch got stuck to ensuring your mobile phone is turned off, the author aims to guide the newby through some of the pitfalls of driven game shooting. And he makes it abundantly clear that pulling the trigger is just a small part of the overall shooting day, which should include a good lunch, fascinating repartee with fellow guns and getting all dressed up in sometimes ridiculous garb that, in any other situation, would be laughable.' Philip Bowern, Western Morning News 

'This is an anthology of shooting excuses, gaffes and anecdotes which you might actually find useful during the season. Not only does it provide very easy access light reading for those moments when the Financial Times is a bit too topical and War and Peace is a bit too serious but it also contains some honest advice for game shooters who might like to kid themselves sometimes. There aren’t many things he hasn’t seen on shoot day - and a lot of them make it into this book.' Shooting Gazette

'The Imperfect Shot is a motley colection of curious facts, amusing anecdotes, pithy advice and historical titbits from the world of gameshooting. A good Christmas stocking filler' BASC Shooting and Conservation

Here you will find tales of embarrassing gundogs, war cries in the beating line, lunch-stealing Labradors and wonderfully incompetent shots, not to mention outrageous shooting clothing and mad ducks. Hilariously illustrated by Oliver Preston this is clearly one for the Christmas stocking’. CLA Land and Business Magazine

'Perfect to open at any page, Jeremy Hobson illustrates, both in words and in cartoons (brought to life by Oliver Preston), a very humourous collection of light-hearted erroes, ill-judgement and misdemeanours.' Sporting Gun

'The perfect gift for the imperfect shot! A very humorous collection of experiences, faux pas and misdemeanours in the shooting field with anecdotes and tales of many light-hearted incidents from throughout the world.' Staffordshire Life

'‘This book provides some novel excuses and tongue-in-cheek advice for pickers-up, Guns and keepers alike for when things don’t quite go as planned. Brought to life by Oliver Preston’s illustration, there are, among its pages, some real pearls of wisdom.’ Fieldsports


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