Stalking Fallow

Stalking Fallow

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Comprehensive guide to the management of fallow deer from the perspective of deer stalker, deer manager and land owner.




Fallow deer are acknowledged as being one of the most difficult of our six species of deer in the UK to manage effectively. Stalking Fallow is an extensive guide to the management and techniques of stalking fallow deer from the perspective of not only the deer stalker but also the deer manager and the land owner. 

It provides a unique insight into stalking both woodland and open ground and the techniques in the use of high seats. Covering all aspects of fallow deer management and their natural history, it includes how to organise and manage collaborative team culls, recognise and prevent crop damage, and take into account any health and safety issues, and disease identification.

Stalking Fallow is beautifully illustrated throughout by renowned wildlife artist, Ian MacGillivary and is an essential definitive guide for all associated with the management of fallow deer.


John Thornley OBE has been a keen country sport enthusiast for many years with a passion for stalking fallow deer. He has written extensively for the shooting press particularly in respect of the risks associated with deer management, and provided both training and lectures. He is the chairman of Deer Management Qualifications (DMQ), a member of the BASC Council and a Trustee of the Deer Initiative.

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ISBN 9781846892240
Author John Thornley
Binding Casebound
Extent 246 x 189 mm, 192 pages
Illustrations Colour
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"John Thornley OBE has produced a definitive guide on the management and techniques of stalking fallow deer. Anyone involved with the management of fallow deer would be happy with this stylish guide. It has been written with novice and experienced stalkers in mind along with deer managers and landowners, providing unique insights into woodland and open ground stalking. There is emphasis on best practice, personal and public safety, as well as information on natural history and antlers. Photos detail a variety of methods and techniques, complemented by wildlife artist Ian MacGillivray's beautiful illustrations."  — Sporting Shooter



"The natural history of fallow deer is covered in detail, with useful information on colour variants and signs, while a separate chapter is devoted to antlers, their development and deformities, and the measurement of trophies. Arguing that of all the six species in the UK, fallow are the most managed, John devotes a substantial proportion of the book to the science and practicalities of managing fallow, offering advice on the writing of management plans, the assessment of population and the requirement to address damage to crops and growing timber. At every stage, his forensic, technical approach relates directly to the relevant legislation and best practice guidance. This is Masterly work which can be expected to remain textbook on the subject of fallow, their stalking and management for years to come." — Deer, British Deer Society 


"Thornley's book has succeeded in drawing together a wealth of expertise and advice for landowners, deer managers and stalker alike. The fallow deer is tracked over 12 well-informed chapters – training the novice and reminding the skilled. Stalking techniques are dissected and explained, fieldcraft and fauna filed, and a great depth of knowledge shared. But this is more than just a technical manual. Ian MacGillivray's atmospheric paintings head each chapter. His artwork captures the elegance of the fallow and complements Thornley's text with aplomb. If you are wondering whether to stalk fallow, the answer is 'yes' but get this book first. The red and roe may steal the limelight but this book ensures the fallow is now not far behind." — The Field


"In this extensive guide to the challenges of stalking and managing fallow deer, author John Thornley, chairman of Deer Management Qualifications and trustee of the Deer Initiative, provides a valuable insight into how to stalk woodland and open ground and gives practical advice on issues that include population management, dealing with crop damage and arranging team culls."  — Shooting Times


“The book covers many aspects of management and techniques associated with stalking fallow deer, with John’s passion for fallow, and stalking as a whole, creating a detailed and compelling read. I cannot recommend this book highly enough to any stalker, deer manager, land owner or individual with an interest in deer.”  — BASC


"The guide provides a unique insight into stalking, both woodland and open ground, and the techniques in the use of high seats. John also details how to organise and manage collaborative team culls and reduce the associated risks. Throughout the book there is an emphasis on best practice and safety. Beginning with the origin of the species, the book guides the reader through antlers, stalking opportunities, the equipment required, population management, and stalking techniques. Throughout, John’s passion for the species shines through. It is beautifully illustrated throughout with paintings by Ian MacGillivray. In addition many photographs add detail to the text."  — National Gamekeepers Organisation 

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