The Fox and the Orchid

The Fox and the Orchid

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The fox, pheasant, duck, grouse, trout and other 'quarry' that inhabit our islands depend on the same fast diminishing natural surroundings as do the lark, the owl, the chark-hill blue butterfly...and the orchid. Man, the only perpetrator of deadly interference with this balance of nature, will often reverse the process only if persuaded by self-interest; hence sporting farmers and landowners who encourage the plentiful supply of game for their sport also benefit thousands of other species of plant and animals life. It is largely because of this link between nature and our love of country sports over the centuries that, unlike some other European countries, Great Britain has retained so much of her traditional countryside.


Robin Page is a writer/farmer who sees in country sportsmen a love of wildlife and a concern for its habitat with which he can readily identify. He is not swayed by the emotion of the chase so much as by the logic of the combined aims of country sports, natural history and conservation.

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ISBN 9781904057321
Author Robin Page
Binding Hardback
Extent 255 x 200mm, 192 pages
Illustrations Colour and black & white photographs and illustrations throughout
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'I would recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in country sports...very informative..a good read.' Shooting & Conservation

'This book contains a wealth of information on the role of hunting, shooting, stalking and fishing...' The Shooting Gazette

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