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Only a few years ago, deer were considered shy creatures that rarely intruded into our world. However, mankind's expansion has forced them to seek new habitats. Our verdant, well-tended gardens were ideal! In a relatively short space of time they lost their fear of humans and started to raid our gardens in broad daylight, stripping the prize blooms that had been so carefully cultivated over the years, and bringing despair to many. Damage to forests and farm crops by deer has been extensively studied already, but not damage to gardens. That was seen as considerably less important. Finding no where else to turn to, the author embarked on an investigation to save gardens. Gardens and Deer is the culmination of a three-year study, involving over 300 gardeners.
The author's own garden was sacrificed as a trials area to test various methods for deterring deer and also to determine which were their preferred and least preferred plants. This truly unique book offers great advice for the distraught gardener whose domain has been invaded. Deer behaviour and signs of their presence, the damage they can cause and various barriers and deterrents are evaluated (including lion dung). The reference section listing the most vulnerable and resistant plants to deer, is an invaluable aid in creating a garden which is less likely to be completely destroyed. in fact, many plants are never touched and management techniques can also alleviate the problem. The author even includes tips on how to protect vulnerable blooms such as roses which are a decided favourite of our four-legged friends.

Charles Coles, now retired, served in the Royal Navy during the Second World War, and also completed 25 years in Naval Rescue. He worked for the Game Conservancy for the whole of his professional career and was Director for 20 years. As a lifelong committee member of an international game conservation group, the CIC, and one of the founders of the International Game Biologists Union, he regularly attended seminars on deer problems. Over the years he has presented hundreds of radio and television programmes on wildlife, lectured all over the world and published a number of books on game, two of which have won international awards.

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Sub Heading A Guide to Damage Limitation
ISBN 9781853109652
Author Charles Coles
Binding Hardback
Extent 234 x 156mm, 142 pages
Illustrations 24 pages of colour photographs
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