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Pony Care

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Pony Care: A complete guide to buying and caring for your first pony will appeal to both owners and their parents. It has been cleverly written by Alison Pocklington, who has previously been awarded the Horse and Hound Groom of the Year and published the very successful first book, The Essential Guide to Professional Horse Care and Grooming

Now, as the mum of a horse-mad child and riding instructor to many, Alison is only too aware of the pitfalls of finding the right horse or pony to match the rider. This great little book offers sound practical and in-depth advice, tips and guides to get horse and pony ownership off on the right foot.



Most children who learn to ride dream of owning their own pony. Pony Care offers parents an in-depth guide for what is actually involved in successfully buying, owning and caring for a pony.

With advice on finding the right pony, buying the necessary equipment, livery options, daily care, feeding, shoeing, health, exercise and, when the time comes, how to go about selling the pony.

Common mistakes can be made when there is a lack of knowledge or experience, in seeking the wrong advice or being in too much of a hurry. Alison Pocklington shares a wealth of experience complete with tips and checklists.

'This book is a MUST HAVE for anyone who has had the tireless and repetitive call to buy from their pony-mad child.' — Lucinda Green MBE

About the Author

Alison Pocklington has successfully competed in eventing and point-to-pointing. As a BHS Instructor, she now instructs at the Yorkshire Riding Centre and trains a wide range of clients for eventing, show jumping and dressage. Alison groomed for many years at international level, was awarded the Horse and Hound Groom of the Year and successfully published her first book The Essential Guide to Professional Horse Care and Grooming (978-0851318684). She has a strong interest in developing young horses and in the confidence of the rider.

Book Specifications

Additional Information

Sub Heading A complete guide to buying and caring for your first pony
ISBN 9781910016305
Author Alison Pocklington; Foreword by Lucinda Green MBE
Binding Paperback
Extent 248 pages, 246x180mm
Illustrations Colour Photographs and Line Drawings
Ebook Yes

'Very accurately aimed at the growing army of non-horsey parents who finally cave in to the ‘please can I have a pony’ pleas. This book is easy to read, its information clear and easy to understand and is illustrated with delightful colour photographs throughout. The chapters on when is the right time to buy and how to find the right pony are extremely useful, especially for parents who come from a non-horsey background. Often parents give into the pleas for a pony without knowing the reality of ownership, the sheer, constant hard work and seemingly bottomless financial demand. This book does not gloss over this and make pony ownership sound a completely wonderful experience, instead it gives a warts and all account of the joys and pitfalls of pony ownership.'  Louise Broderick, Horse & Pony Ireland

'This book gives children new to ponies or people who perhaps are not so familiar with the equestrian world an insight into what it is really like to be involved with horses as a full-time commitment...This book is a must-have for all horse involved parents who are seeking advice; people who are considering it; people who are wondering what comes with owning a pony or children who are pony mad.'  Lolita, Teen Equine

'The book is very cleverly laid out with the starting process of stepping into the equestrian world giving clear instructions and images. It is very honest and gives great sound advice in every aspect of what to look for when searching and buying a pony, to the realities and costs involved in the everyday care. Every page has wonderful informative images and checklists to know what to buy or giving helpful tips. If you are thinking of buying a pony or your first horse, then buy this first before the pony purchase. It will save time, mistakes and actually save you money in the long run. As every horse and pony owners know, any saved pennies are a bonus in the cost of their care.' — Samantha Hobden, Haynet

'You may well be saying to yourself ‘not another first-pony book’ but I can assure you that this one is better than most. It is long, comprehensive, with lots of sound advice and, although covering all the things parents want and/or need to know, it also has colour photos and other illustrations on just about every page, which will help retain the interest of children, too. — Gill Cooper, Tracking-Up

'Pony Care by Alison Pocklington is a complete guide to buying and caring for your first pony... It's one of those must have books and will not only be a good read for parents... This is a book that you will keep returning to again and again until you become the pony expert! It's definitely a good read and one that will keep the interest of pony mad children desperate to own their own pony, as it shows them exactly what is involved...' — Northern Horse Magazine 

'Soon became our riding "bible"... Pony Care is an excellent equine handbook and should be regarded as obligatory reading for anyone thinking of getting into horse riding and more importantly, horse ownership. One to be kept on the bedside table, in the stable or in the horse float.' — Gary Creighton, British Country Sports

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