Instinctive Shot

Instinctive Shot

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A practical , straight-forward manual on how to become a better game shooter.


Fully illustrated with photographs, diagrams and packed with practical advice to help the beginner shoot straight and the more experienced shot shoot straighter, The Instinctive Shot is the "how to" of modern game shooting. Within its pages Chris Batha gives step-by-step explanations of the correct shooting action needed to build a consistent swing and balanced move to the bird, regardless of species or type of shooting the essential sequence of Eye-Brain-Hand synchronisation that creates an instinctive shot. Both clear and concise, his advice is easily understood, with alternative suggestions offered where possible within the key topics explored, some of which include: safety and etiquette in the field, clothing and equipment, selecting the gun and gauge, matching cartridge and choke, the core fundamentals of stance and posture, and of course, how to shoot instinctively.

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Sub Heading The Practical Guide to Modern Game Shooting
ISBN 9781846891113
Author Chris Batha
Binding Laminated board
Extent 246mm x 189mm, 208 pages
Illustrations Colour throughout
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'It is much more than a comprehensive guide to mounting a shotgun and shooting accurately in that it is an in-depth look at the overall game shooting scene, including pigeon and wildfowling.  It is further enhanced in that Chris is an accomplished writer who has contributed articles to fieldsports publications for many years...  Chris has dug deeply to produce a truly comprehensive book, covering virtually everything connected with shooting.  He explains the master eye which is the vital equivalent of being right or left-handed, footwork, posture and head position.  Common faults are explained along with the causes...  There is advice on gun maintenance and transporting shotguns.The Instinctive Shot is also a fascinating read in itself.  However experienced one might be I am sure that there is still much to learn within its pages.  It is more than simply an instruction book for novices.  It is profusely illustrated throughout with full colour photographs, diagrams and useful ballistic data.  I highly recommend it.' Countryman's Weekly

'This straightforward manual is fully illustrated with both photos and diagrams to help the beginner shoot straight, and the more experienced shot shoot straighter... This is a book that is both practical and theoretical that you can come back to again and again.'  Sporting Shooter

'Batha has a knack for explaining technical concepts clearly, and often uses lively analogies from other sports to make his points.  The text is complemented by a profusion of color photos, charts and diagrams, all of which make Batha's explanations easily visualized and understood.  Each chapter is broken into bit-sized subtopics, the contents of which are based on "all the questions I have been asked while giving shooting lessons, gun-fittings and at shows."  If you don't have a game-shooting technique book, this is one you MUST own.'  Shooting Sportsman

'Chris Batha is acknowledged as one of the most qualified and experienced shooting instructors in the world and here he gives easily understood, step-by-step explanations, as well as covering all aspects of game shooting from guns, quarry and equipment to etiquette and attire.' Fieldsports

'Written by a well-respected author and coach, Chris Batha, this practical guide to modern game shooting certainly covers everything a novice shooter needs to know to become a safe game shot. Each of the 20 chapters covers a specific topic, ranging from safety, etiquette and equipment,through to what to wear and even to which type of cartridge to use - and each is covered comprehensively and with authority.' Sporting Gun

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