Homeopathy For Horses: Second Edition

Homeopathy For Horses: Second Edition

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A truly comprehensive and practical guide to the practice of veterinary homeopathy for horses and ponies.



A truly comprehensive and practical guide to the practice of veterinary homeopathy for horses and ponies. With careful selection of the right remedy, homeopathy will often succeed where conventional medicine has failed. As widespread interest in alternative therapies continues to grow among horse owners, this unique book provides practical and systematic insights, giving clear descriptions of ailments and their suggested remedies, therefore enabling treatment to be specifically tailored to ensure the best chance of success.

Praise for the First Edition: ‘A useful reference for veterinary homeopaths working with horses as well as those with little or no homeopathic knowledge.’  Homeopathy

‘The most comprehensive equine [homeopathic] reference book.’  British Dressage


Tim Couzens qualified as a veterinary surgeon in 1980, and studied homeopathy at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital in Great Ormond Street, London, gaining his VetMFHom in 1991. In 1995, he established the Holistic Veterinary Medicine Centre, a dedicated referral practice specialising in homeopathy, herbal and nutraceutical medicine, acupuncture, flower remedies, and diet. Tim appeared on television, and regularly contributed to magazine articles on alternative medicine. He was also an advisor to several companies involved in alternative health products for pets.

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Sub Heading Second Edition
ISBN 9781905693467
Author Tim Couzens BVet Med, MRCVS
Binding Paperback
Extent 255mm x 190mm, 512pp
Illustrations No
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"Now revised and updated in a Second Edition, this unique book provides a practical and systematic insight into this effective and fascinating branch of alternative medicine." Local Rider

"Veterinary homeopath Tim Couzens has been practising homeopathy for more than 20 years and his experience and knowledge are reflected in this comprehensive guide. First published in 2006, it has been fully updated and revised to include everything you need to know about equine conditions and their remedies. Think of a disease or ailment and it is highly likely to be detailed here, along with how to diagnose and treat it using homeopathic principles. A 150-page equine 'materia medica', outlining all of the remedies available, is also featured making this the 'bible' for veterinary homeopaths and ordinary horse owners alike." Horse

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