Grouse Shooting

Grouse Shooting

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A practical guide to partaking in the pursuit of the red grouse and a celebration of the finest shooting in the British Isles.



'Grouse Shooting' is both a practical guide to taking part in the pursuit of the Red Grouse and a celebration of the finest shooting to be found in the British Isles. The book looks at the development of grouse shooting and the natural history of the grouse, moorland management and the work of the grouse keeper as well as looking in depth at the three methods of grouse shooting - walked up, driven and shooting over dogs. There is guidance on the choice of guns, ammunition, clothing and equipment. fully illustrated with the author's photographs, this book will appeal not only to those fortunate enough to shoot grouse but also to moorland keepers, beaters and pickers-up and to anyone who loves those wide open hills and moors where the wild Red Grouse may still be found.

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Sub Heading No
ISBN 9781846890239
Author David Hudson
Binding Hardback
Extent 246 x 189mm, 208 pages
Illustrations Colour photographs throughout
Ebook No

'If you fancy booking a trip to the moors this August, but don't know where to begin. you will find David Hudson's tenth foray into shooting literature a godsend. The world of grouse shooting has an aura of exclusivity that often deters gameshooters who are comfortably familiar with more widely available low-ground shooting. A day at grouse for the majority may seem like an impossible dream, but in his latest book David Hudson explains clearly what it is that makes a trip to the moors justifiably more expensive for a paying Gun, but also potentially a tremendous memorable occasion. Conversationally forthright, the text presents everything you could wish to know, from the development of grouse shooting, moorland management and natural history through to choice of gun and the correct way to walk across a moor. If you want to know more about the pinnacle of the UK's gameshooting, this book is for you.' Shooting Times

'From a detailed insight into the bird to the history of the sport, a definitive guide to the finest shooting in the British Isles and the prospects for the future of the sport, every aspect of grouse- shooting is covered After reading this book, you'll be left wanting moor.' The Field

'If ever a shooting book was epitomised by the photographs, then this is one. This is more than simply a book about shooting as between the lines you can find out all about the secret world of the keeper and the management of the grouse moors which is an art form in itself.' Highland News

'Grouse Shooting is a fine tome, covering the many facets of the most revered aspect of our sport. With a warm and clear writing style throughout, the author informs and amuses on everything from the development of grouse shooting to moorland management. The book itself is a practical guide to taking part in the pursuit of red grouse, as well as a celebration of the sport itself.' Shooting Gazette

'A rigorous examination of the most sought-after game bird in Britain, combining a detailed history of the grouse with a practical guide to shooting.' Country Life

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