A Foxing Life

A Foxing Life

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Mike Powell has spent his life honing his skills and knowledge of the fox – a gamekeeper for 17 years and running a fox control business the author now passes his knowledge on in A Foxing Life.


Mike Powell's life has always, in one way or another, run parallel to that of the fox. From running a fox control business and keepering, the fox has always been present. In this book, Mike passes on his knowledge of the fox and details his many dealings with Charlie.

'Mike was born and bred in the countryside of Devon. As a boy he ran loose, learning about nature from the ground up; the ways of the wild are ingrained in his DNA. He started hunting foxes before many of the readers of his monthly magazine articles were born. The 17 years Mike spent as a gamekeeper have honed and perfected those early skills. But he is not someone who just sticks to the old ways. His enquiring mind has never stopped trying new techniques or equipment that will more reliably bring a fox to hand. Since retiring from his last keepering job he is on call to any local farmer, or keeper of small stock, that has a fox problem. They know that one phone call will rapidly bring a lifetime of knowledge and skills. This book contains that knowledge.' Robert Bucknell

Contents include –

  • Foxing - the early years
  • The later years and laming technology
  • The fox
  • Usual methods of control
  • Alternative methods
  • Contentious issues
  • Rifles and shotguns
  • Night vision and thermal imagers
  • My own foxing equipment




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Sub Heading with gun and rifle
ISBN 9780954959746
Author Mike Powell
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Extent 164 pages
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