A Foxer's Year

A Foxer's Year

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An in-depth fieldcraft book showing how to dispose of pests that endanger livestock


This fieldcraft book uses a number of narratives – usually night shooting of foxes – to show how to dispose of pests that endanger livestock, providing the best technical tips and pointers a pest controller needs. The author covers the year month-by-month, discussing how the changes of the seasons contribute to changes of hunting style. Each month includes first-hand accounts of hunts to demonstrate some of the challenges that foxers may be faced with as the seasons and weather change. Each of the narratives is accompanied by photographs and step-by-step line drawings, along with highlights of fieldcraft techniques. Night-vision and thermal-imaging equipment have now become mainstream and A Foxer's Year covers their usage in detail.


Dr Patrick Hook has studied natural history for many years and his love for the countryside can clearly be seen in the thirty seven books he has written.

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Sub Heading Tips, Techniques, Fieldcraft
ISBN 9781846891861
Author Patrick Hook
Binding Hardcover
Extent 246 x 189mm, 192 pages
Illustrations Colour throughout
Ebook No

'This is an in-depth book clearly written by an expert in the field. The author takes the reader through the year in an interesting set of anecdotes that clearly set out the problem and how the author went about coming to terms with his vulpine adversary. Each narrative is accompanied by an easy-read plan of the area showing the land layout, wind direction, track of fox and position of rifle, caller and every other participant involved in the particular excursion. These first-hand accounts of actual encounters and how the result was achieved are really great reading and provide an interesting insight to a dedicated fox controller's mindset.' Sporting Rifle

'This book is probably best described as 'tips with tales' as Dr Patrick Hook relives many fox-shooting outings. The book starts with a brief introduction and an overview of the control methods and equipment that the author uses. Thereafter the book is set out in chapters under monthly headings. Each starts with an overview of the ecology of the fox, some practical advice on methods and equipment followed by an explanation of the agricultural activities all relevant to that month.' BASC Shooting and Conservation

'It's unusual format for this type of hunting book, but one which we think works really well. A Foxer's Year by Patrick Hook details all twelve months of the fox-shooter's calender, full of well-written anecdotes and informative tips. At just under 200 pages, this hardback tome has plenty of photographs and illustrations. Patrick Hook's month-by-month study of fox control is suitable for shooters of all abilities. It contains technical tips to useful hunters as well as some background information on foxes which are of interest to even non-shooting readers.' Sporting Shooter

'This book is about fieldcraft and, by using a number of narratives based around the lamping of foxes throughout the year, provides the technical tips and pointers that the hunter needs to outwit the most wily of quarries. Covering equipment, seasonal variations and methods used, the author offers useful and practical solutions to the challenges of effectively controlling fox numbers. A useful guide for both the novice and more experienced lamper.' Fieldsports


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