Gun Craft: Fine Guns And Gunmakers In The 21st Century

Gun Craft: Fine Guns And Gunmakers In The 21st Century

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In Gun Craft Vic Venters draws on extensive research and in-depth interviews as he examines today


In Gun Craft Vic Venters draws on extensive research and in-depth interviews as he examines today's artisanally made guns and provides insights into crafting handmade firearms in both Europe and the United States. His intent is to make the sometimes arcane techniques and technical information accessible and relevant. Gun Craft is required reading for anyone who appreciates fine shotguns and the effort and skill that go into making them.

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Sub Heading Fine Guns & Gunmakers in the 21st Century
ISBN 9780892729074
Author Vic Venters
Binding Casebound
Extent 236mm x 160mm, 288pp
Illustrations Colour photographs and
Ebook No

'Those with even a passing interest in fine shotguns and sporting rifles will need to find a space for this book on their shelves.  Vic Venters is an authority on fine guns... exhaustive research and in-depth interviews with the finest gunmakers from Europe, the UK and the US provides a true insight into the skills behind best guns.  There are some fine illustrations throughout, including 150 colour photographs and annotated charts, which make the sometimes-technical world accessible to readers. Michael McIntosh describes Venters' approach as "hard-headedly practical, free of the breathless gushing that too often taints writing on this subject.' Shooting Gazette

'Unless you are fortunate to have watched your collection of modern and expensive shotguns being handcrafted, Vic Venters' new book is the closest you will get to the pinnacle of gunmaking today.  Featuring technical and historical details about leading gunmakers' products, what really makes this book stand out is the behind-the-scenes stories of the stockers, actioners, barrelmakers and engravers who dedicate their skills to the world's best guns.  Thoughtful, intelligent and beautifully written, this is a fascinating and impressive work.'  Shooting Times

'Venters deserves praise for his writing style, not just his knowledge of fine guns and their makers. Perhaps he makes his subject so widely accessible because he doesn't see himself first and foremost as a gun expert. ;I consider myself a journalist with a passion. His prose ranks with short story writers and novelists.' Virginia Sportsman 

'This work combines sufficient technical information to titillate the nuttiest of gun nuts while simultaneously providing enough general interest read material to please folks, like this columnist whose interest focuses more on history, the human side of guns and gunmaking, and field performance.' Sporting Classics 

'As I said in the last issue of Gunmaker in my review of Vic Venters' Best of British, anyone with an interest in British gunmaking will enjoy this book as well... I think you will find the money well invested.' Gunmaker

'An immensely readable book, full of the interesting and unexpected as well as being a mine of technical information. It is as much about the people as the guns, giving fascinating insights into a world where superb craftsmanship still reigns supreme and, coupled with new technology, is producing some of the finest guns ever made.'-- BASC Shooting and Conservation

'Gun Craft (subtitled Fine Guns & Gunmakers in the 21st Century) is a look at a unique period of time in gunmaking which has seen traditional skills supplemented by new technology.' Fieldsports

'Venter's expertise is on display on every page as he tells the story of the gunmaking trade's stuggle to survive the past century's transitions in ownership, financing, manufacturing trends, and the marketplace. Despite these many challenges, the author's confidence remains high... In incisive prose accompanied by excellent photographs and illustrations, Venters brings to life the essence of good gunmaking at the best British and European firms.  He takes the reader into the mechanisms of triggers and locks, the processes of barrel making and choke boring, and the artistry of engraving and stock carving. He details the interesting careers of the craftsmen who remain the heart and soul of gunmaking even in this age of computer-assisted design and manufacture.  As knowledgeable as he is passionate about guns, Venters writes with quiet, insightful authority."  Gray's Sporting Journal

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