Working Ferrets 2nd edition

Working Ferrets 2nd edition

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Updated and expanded, this Second Edition explains how to use ferrets to chase rabbits from their buries.


The countrymans relationship with the ferret is legendary generally associated with the wee thing popping out of a cavernous pocket to the delight of the public bar locals. Yet these little creatures provide country sport for many and also provide an effective method of clearing the greatest agricultural pest the rabbit. Updated and expanded, Working Ferrets Second Edition explains how to use ferrets to chase rabbits from their buries. There are then a variety of options to eliminate the emerging prey, such as netting or shooting. Every aspect of working a ferret is included from the choice of animal and the equipment needed to discerning the layout of buries and working the ferret with dogs or guns

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Sub Heading Handling with Nets, Guns and Dogs
ISBN 9781846891090
Author Jackie Drakeford
Binding Paperback
Extent 218mm x 150mm, 128 pp
Illustrations Black & white photographs
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'Covers every aspect of the working ferret.' Countryman's Weekly

'A comprehensive guide on ferreting and includes the latest techniques on this effective method of rabbit control.' Shooting Times

'Anyone planning to take up ferreting or needing a refresher course should read this book. There can be no better guide in all aspects of ferreting.' Scottish Gamekeepers Association

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