Ferret Breeding

Ferret Breeding

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This is a wide-ranging and informative book on the breeding of the ferret.


This wide-ranging and informative book on the breeding of the ferret (mustela putorius furo), one of the world's most popular pets, will appeal to the many hundreds of thousands of owners worldwide who wish to expand their family of ferrets. The book's contents will include the principles of ferret breeding, detailed information on specialised housing, feeding and nutrition, along with in-depth information on all the major ferret diseases and ailments (with particular emphasis on those linked with breeding ferrets), and how to recognise, treat and avoid them.

The anatomy and physiology of the ferret and the principles of genetics and animal breeding are all covered in enough detail to enable keepers to understand how the ferret's body works. While the book is written for the lay-person, it will also be acceptable to, and useable by, scientists and professionals, covering all aspects of breeding ferrets and other mustelids. The contents are comprehensive and, as such suitable for everyone interested in breeding ferrets, whether for pets, racing, showing ("fancy"), working or as a business.

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ISBN 9781904057567
Author James McKay
Binding Paperback
Extent 218 x 150mm 245 pages
Illustrations Black and white photographs, line drawings
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'A gem in the ferret literature for all breeders.' Shooting Times and Country Magazine

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