Deer of Britain and Ireland

Deer of Britain and Ireland

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Deer of Britain and Ireland is a long overdue account of the history and distribution of deer in these islands. Although patterns of distribution have changed dramatically over the years there has not been a major study since The Deer of Great Britain and Ireland by G. Kenneth Whitehead, published in 1964. This excellent book fills that gap. The author describes the six species of deer found wild in Britain and the three species present in Ireland, giving a general account of their history and world status.
Whilst many species of wildlife have declined in numbers and range, deer, our largest land mammals, have thrived. Several of our resident species have experienced what amounts to a population explosion. In many areas the populations have increased to saturation point, whilst also greatly extending their range. This is a continuing process and will bring further changes in the future. The author examines the environmental impact of the riding number of deer, management trends and problems arising from them and the prospects of the various species.

A countryman by inclination and residence, Peter Carne has been fascinated by wildlife since boyhood. He began studying deer in the New Forest in 1941 and has since watched, studied, stalked and generally enjoyed them in many parts of Britain, Ireland and Europe. His lifelong interest in deer has focused primarily on their history and distribution in Britain and Ireland, which was the subject of a monthly series of articles in Stalking Magazine from 1993-6. 
Carne has also contributed articles to numerous periodicals, including The Countryman, Country Life, The Field and Gamekeeper and Countryside. He was editor of the British Deer Society publications Deer News and Deer for thirty years (1963-93) and on his retirement from this position was presented by the Prince of Wales with the Balfour-Browne Trophy, awarded annually for service to wild deer conservation.

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Sub Heading Their Origins and Distribution
ISBN 9781840370911
Author Peter Carne
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Extent 297 x 210mm, 208 pages
Illustrations 16 colour photographs, 100 black and white photographs
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