Diary of a Victorian Lady

Diary of a Victorian Lady

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A mine of information from a diary found in an attic.


Adelaide Pountney wrote and illustrated diaries for each of the years from 1863 to 1870. This edition covers the two years for which most entries survived (1864 and 1865) while the family was living in Leamington Spa and Devon. Within those years many days were left blank, and in some years pages have been torn out of the diaries - by whom, and for what reason, we do not know.

In the diaries we meet Adelaide Pountney at the age of twenty-three and the image she projects of herself is of an ordinary, very conventional, young lady of the Victorian leisured classes. Yet, there are several indications that Adelaide was in fact anything but ordinary. Not only are the diaries themselves a remarkable artistic achievement — thanks to Adelaide's gift for observation and her talent for drawing — but it seems that she may have deliberately omitted certain elements of her own story, leaving no more than the occasional hint of what might lie behind the gaps.

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Sub Heading Scenes from her daily life 1864 - 1865
ISBN 9781900318051
Author Illustrated by Adelaide Pountney
Binding Hardback
Extent 180 x 120mm, 48 pages
Illustrations Black & white drawings
Ebook No

'From 1863-1870 Adelaide Pountney kept a diary. But she didn’t just write a journal entry, she added exquisite line drawings. Rachel Sillet discovered her great aunt’s diaries in a Gloucestershire attic. She writes in the opening narrative “They tell us directly so much about how people looked and how people lived.”.' Devon Life

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