BASC Law and Licensing 2nd Edition

BASC Law and Licensing 2nd Edition

Available March 2020

The 2nd edition of the must have book from BASC, Law and Licensing has been fully revised and updated and covers all current aspects of firearms law; it is essential reading and provides a point of reference for any gun owner in the UK.



Available March 2020

The 2nd edition of the must-have book from BASC has been fully revised and updated and covers all current aspects of firearms law; it is essential reading and provides a point of reference for any gun owner in the UK. Firearms law serves two functions - prevention of the use of firearms in crime and preservation of public safety. In his guide to Law and Licensing, Bill Harriman explores current firearms legislation. His experience as a legal advisor and firearms forensic examiner provides useful insight into the conditions surrounding legal possession and use of firearms and shotguns. He examines common misconceptions and provides extensive practical guidance for compliance. Real case studies and examples from his own experience help to illuminate some of the more obscure aspects of legal firearms ownership in Great Britain.

  • All aspects of firearms law and licensing in one place
  • Challenges received wisdom and artificial interpretation of law by the police
  • Debunks myths and answers many frequently encountered questions
  • Written from a shooter's perspective


Bill Harriman is a legal advisor, firearms forensic examiner and journalist and has written hundreds of articles over the last 25 years. He is the firearms and militaria on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow.

Book Specifications

Additional Information

Sub Heading A Concise Guide for Shotgun and Rifle Owners
ISBN 9781846892806
Author Bill Harriman
Binding Paperback
Extent 196 x 128mm, 160 pages
Illustrations Colour
Ebook Yes through your usual supplier

"In this latest addition of the BASC handbook series, Bill Harriman explores the current firearms legislation in a definitive and practical guide — ideal for anyone about to apply for their shotgun or firearms certificate. Bill examines common myths and misconceptions around what shooters have to do to comply with the laws. Frequently asked questions are addressed in the book, with examples of Harriman's own experiences and real case studies helping to illuminate some obscure aspects of the legal ownership of firearms."  — Sporting Shooter


"As Bill says quite succinctly: “Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Not knowing what the law provides could deprive you of your sport, damage your wallet or even cost you your liberty. Armed with the information in this book, you will be in no danger of any of these things happening to you”. Highly recommended… but I would say that, wouldn’t I?"  — Steve Moore, BASC

"Essential reference for any Gun. BASC’s legal adviser and Shooting Times firearms expert Bill Harriman provides a definitive guide to firearms legislation, and gives practical guidance and invaluable insight into the law surrounding the use and ownership of firearms and shotguns. It includes real case studies and examples from Bill’s own experience to help shed light on some of the more obscure aspects of legal firearms ownership." — Shooting Times

"The book covers everything with such diverse topics as “Travelling with guns”, “Sound moderators”, “Air weapons” and “Knives”. This book is a must for any shooting enthusiast and its small format – five inches by eight – means it can be carried around in a pocket or rucksack for easy reference. Congratulations to Bill Harriman and the publishers as this will help shooters enormously." — Ray Collier, Highland News Group 

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