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A unique collection of extraordinary, touching and sometimes bizarre but true stories covering sporting dogs (and hounds), military mascots, eccentric companions, war heroes and Royal dogs




Barking Mad, with outstanding illustrations by Nicola L Robinson, taps into the British passion for dogs by bringing together a unique collection of extraordinary, touching and sometimes bizarre but true stories covering sporting dogs (and hounds), military mascots, eccentric companions, war heroes and Royal dogs.

Many of the best and most intriguing stories, some of which date back to the early 19th Century, have been discovered in long-forgotten books and magazines, but all reflect our enduring passion for man’s best friend. Stories include everything from the Labrador that saved its master from drowning to the hound that spent years travelling unaccompanied across England by train to the pooch that carried a penny to the local bakery every day to buy its own cakes.

'... Jock regarded the Scottish Central as his own particular railway... he made frequent trips to Aberdeen, Edinburgh, York and London. When he arrived at Perth station in the mornings – and he arrived ready to travel three or four times a week – the staff simply patted him and let him through without a ticket. He would then choose whichever train took his fancy, climb aboard and wait for the off...' from Travelling Terrier


Tom Quinn has written a number of books about the history of the English countryside as well as books on fishing, eccentrics, long walks, railways, early aviation and the First World War. He is the author of BB Remembered, the life of children’s author and illustrator Denys Watkins-Pitchford (better known as BB), The World’s Greatest Shooting Stories (978-1-84689-084-0), Heaven Upon Earth (978-1-904057-67-3), and The Perfect Cast (978-1-84689-042-0), all of which were published by Quiller. A keen walker and fisherman he is also the author of Backstairs Billy, a life of the Queen Mother’s favourite page, William Tallon.

He writes occasional obituaries for The Times and has edited a number of magazines including The Countryman.

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Sub Heading Two Centuries of Great Dog Stories
ISBN 9781846892097
Author Edited by Tom Quinn
Binding Hardback
Extent 216 x 138mm, 208 pages
Illustrations Colour
Ebook Yes through your usual supplier

'Barking Mad’s short stories are perfect for a great summer read because you’re able to feel the satisfaction of finishing a few stories at a time, but avoid getting too tucked in so that you end up missing those all important dog walks. Especially if you love tales about dogs rescuing their owners from flood and fire, buying their own lunch or singing for their supper. Tom Quinn’s collection of great dog inspiring stories are sure to stay with you after they long end.' WagTheDog UK (click here to read the the full review)

'I can’t think of a better Christmas present for a dog-loving bookworm. This is one of those handy books that the reader can dip into, assured of an enjoyable read. The trouble is, these intriguing tales always tempt the reader into "just one more...". Above all, if you love dogs, this book will make you smile’. BASC Shooting and Conservation 

'In Barking Mad, Tom Quinn digs out many of these true shaggy dog stories from down the years and around the world and, with illustrations by Nicola L Robinson, retells them in an engaging and highly readable way.' Philip Bowern, Western Morning News (click here to read the the full review

'Tom Quinn taps into our passion for dogs by bringing together a collection of true stories. In these extracts, sporting dogs show what they're made of and why they confound - and delight - in equal measure' Shooting Times

'Many of the best and most intriguing stories, which date back to the early 19th Century, have been discovered in long-forgotten books and magazines, but all reflect our enduring passion for man’s best friend.' The Countryman's Weekly

'The stories in this book from Shropshire publisher Quiller are taken from across the world and a lot of them are very old, which I think is a result of Quinn’s desire to uncover tales from long-forgotten publications.' Shropshire Star

'Barking Mad taps into the British passion for dogs by bringing together a unique collection of extraordinary, touching and sometimes bizarre but true stories' Staffordshire Life

'A Unique collection of bizzare, extraordinary and touching true stories covering gundogs, military mascots, eccentric companions and royal dogs.' Sporting Gun

'This anthology of canine stories will amuse, sadden, entertain and cause wonderment. 
This book can be picked up and put down at leisure without requiring any great concentration. You do not need to be barking mad to get a copy of this book, just be someone with an appreciation for the wonderment of dogs.' The Kennel Club (Click here for the full review)





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