Will's Pigeon Shooting

Will's Pigeon Shooting

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A superb book for the both the experienced Shot or complete novice on how to shoot woodpigeons.


Will Garfit is a renowned pigeon shot and this authorative book on how to shoot woodpigeons is an explosion of his enthusiasm and passion for the bird and the sport it can produce. He is not a professional pigeon shooter but likes to be known as an enthusiastic amateur . For fifty years Will has been developing his art as a pigeon shooter and this book shares his personal experiences, thoughts and secrets that enable him to shoot consistently good bags. An amazing record that when protecting crops over the past ten years he has averaged over 100 a day on over 600 days. This book explains that this is not just luck but based on the sound principles of good reconnaissance, siting and building of hides, presentation of decoys and accurate shooting. All are covered in this book which is written in an engaging style and illustrated by his own watercolours and diagrams. A superb book for both the experienced Shot or complete novice.

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Sub Heading Secrets of Consistent Success
ISBN 9781846891236
Author Will Garfit
Binding Laminated board
Extent 246 x 189 mm, 192 pages
Illustrations Colour throughout
Ebook Yes via your usual supplier

'In his charming and informative book, Will Garfit charts his lifetime pursuit of pigeon... His gentle, informative text offers examples and gives hints and tips for the novice or the experienced shot seeking extra pointers. It is an invaluable and well-written guide.' The Field


'Everything you need to know about pigeon shooting - and more besides. One of the best-known and respected names in the sporting world, Will is well placed to write a book such as this... Nicely illustrated too by good photographs and his own sepia paintings.' Fieldsports

'...far from being a dull text book, this volume invites you to accompany Will into the field and experience the skills and thrills first hand. A lifetime's experience, stuffed with stories of pigeon shooting, makes it a compelling read, and even the instructional pages are laced with anecdote... You certainly don't need to be a pigeon shooter to enjoy it, but by the time you reach the final page you will certainly want to be one.' BASC Shooting and Conservation

'This book covers just about everything you need to know for pigeon shooting in different situations; not just decoying but flighting and roost shooting after the game season has finished when many estates allow access to the coverts by local Guns. Will Garfit's anecdotes are a delight to read, along with his many illustrations - both paintings and photographed - which featured in this book profusely... Will's Pigeon Shooting: Secrets of Consistent Success is an excellent and thoroughly emjoyable read and should be on the shelves of every pigeon shooter. It is a work that you will dip into frequently.' Countryman's Weekly

'... a fantastic collection of stories and advice from an enthusiastic amateur who was always taught to "think like a pigeon" by his mentor, Major Archie Coats. Written in Will's usual friendly way, there are countless tips on shooting, reconnaissance, equipment and even recipes to give you an idea how to serve your quarry on the dinner table.' Shooting Gazette

'It is clear that Will is enthusiastic and passionate for the bird and the sport... fully illustrated with colour diagrams throughout, as well as Will's own watercolours for an added personal touch.' Sporting Shooter

'Having shot with Will on numerous occasions, I can vouch for the devastating accuracy of his skills... Will does not patronise the reader, but gets his point across in the way a mate would discuss things over a pint, down the pub. Several new things were learned, even for an old warhorse like me, and I found it a rare insight into the methods of a true pigeon professional. All in all, a 'must have' for anyone who shoots pigeons.' Sporting Gun

'Renowned pigeon shot Will Garfit has spent 50 years developing his skills after claiming his first catapult as a boy. His youthful enthusiasm led him to meet the father of pigeon shooting, Archie Coats, who took Will under his 'wing'. In this authoritative book Will shares his personal experiences and the tips, which he believes will help you shoot consistently good bags. The guide, which is illustrated with Will's own watercolours and diagrams, explains that being a good shot is not just down to luck, but based on sound principles such as good reconnaissance and the clever siting and building of hides.' NFU Countryside

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