What's a Chap To Do?

What's a Chap To Do?

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An entertaining and instructive collection of letters observing the eccentricities, etiquette and issues of the shooting sportsman


There are many excellent books to advise the novice shooter on proper gun handling, safety and accuracy. However, no manual can hope to address every problem that might arise in the shooting field or, indeed, beyond it. Being British, there are many such issues which we would never dream of mentioning, let alone actually discussing. A pursed lip or a raised eyebrow may be as far as many chaps are prepared to go in addressing some of these important matters. But these gestures are open to misinterpretation and misunderstanding with possibly disastrous consequences. A few words of advice, a reassuring hand on the shoulder, that just puts a chap's mind at rest and sets him comfortably back on the straight and narrow.

Uncle Giles is such a chap and his wise words have been clarifying these matters for readers of the Shooting Gazette for a number of years. A selection of these concerns - and their resolution - are now shared with a wider public.

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Sub Heading Anguished Letters to the Shooting Gazette
ISBN 9781846891953
Author Giles Catchpole
Binding Laminated board
Extent 195mm x 145mm, 120 pages
Illustrations Black & white vignettes
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'The subtitle Anguished Letters to the Shooting Gazette tells it all. Giles offers thoughtful and wise solutions to the many dilemmas that face shooters. Some are commonplace - what do you do if you run out of cartridges on a drive? Others are less frequently encountered - what's the form on a beater courting the keeper's daughter? Amusing, informative and well-deserving of a place in the loo-side library.' - BASC

 'Uncle Giles offers advice on everything from shoot day etiquette and clothing to table manners and gundog handling, and this book is the ultimate reference work to help you avoid embarrassment in the field or around the dining table.' - Shooting Gazette

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