British Gunmakers Volume One

British Gunmakers Volume One

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A chronicle of the London gun trade - no sporting library would be complete without it.


For 200 years the gunmakers of London have enjoyed a worldwide reputation for the quality and reliability of their products. This first volume, originally published as London Gunmakers by the same author, has been revised and updated and chronicles the history of the London gun trade by gathering together in one volume the aggregate of surviving historical knowledge about the businesses large and small which between them made the London gun trade what it is. It provides an alphabetical list of all gunmakers and related trades giving their dates, addresses and changes, together with 48 individual histories. There is an alphabetical list of gunmakers' serial number records on a scale never previously achieved and various schedules list those individuals who have taken a leading part in the administration of the trade over the years. The author has also produced for the first time an alphabetical index of the brand names used by the various businesses in the London trade in respect of guns, rifles, cartridges and powders.

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Sub Heading London
ISBN 9781904057475
Author Nigel Brown
Binding Hardback
Extent 297 x 216mm, 296 Pages
Illustrations Black and white Photographs, line drawings
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'In terms of reference books, no sporting library would be complete without it.' Shooting Gazette

'It is staggeringly comprehensive, providing utterly compelling reading and a constant source of reference.' The Field

'This fascinating book gathers together all the existing historical information about the London gun trade.' CountryLandowner

'...a magnificent book which is virtually an encyclopedia on the subject.' Countryman's Weekly

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