Home Book of Smoke Cooking

Home Book of Smoke Cooking

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Everything you need to know about smoke cooking for a beginner and more


Don't just cook it, smoke cook it! Why pay outrageous prices for smoked foods when you can prepare them so easily at home? This books will show you how you can smoke foods easily and conveniently, whilst eliminating the use of harmful additives and preservatives that destroy the wholesome goodness of today's foods.

Along with diagrams on equipment (knives and their uses, commercially-made smoke ovens, homemade ovens, refrigerators) and recipes such as smoked fish cakes and smoked paté de foie gras, the main body of text covers the different tips and advice on how to smoke various meat, fish brines and seasonings.

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Sub Heading Meat, Fish & Game
ISBN 9780811721950
Author Jack Sleight and Raymond Hull
Binding Paperback
Extent 160 pages
Illustrations 20 black & white sketches
Ebook No
'We learned the basics of smoking from this book, and all the info worked well in practice. If you want to get into smoking, start here.' - Complete Hunter's Catalogue

'Tells everything you've always wanted to know about smoke cookery, and then some. It is strictly ulitarian 
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