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  1. Ludlow Cookbook Series: A Pudding Book

    Provides a selection of varied, or favourite puddings that Great Britain is renowned for, in all their glory. Learn More
  2. Ludlow Cookbook Series: Good Cookery from Wales

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    An extraordinary cookbook from Lady Llanover featuring recipes using the method of the Ffwrn Fach. Learn More
  3. Ludlow Cookbook Series: A Curry Book

    More than 100 years old, this book remains a model of it's type, with clear instructions and classic Anglo-Indian recipes. Learn More
  4. The Kamado Grill Cookbook

    Foolproof techniques for smoking and grilling using a kamado style grill. With its distinctive egg or oval shape, heat-insulating ceramics, and airtight seal, the kamado is a smoker’s dream, able to maintain low and slow temperatures for up to 12 hours with no additional charcoal needed. It’s the "set it and forget it” of smokers! In addition to smoking, grillmaster Fred Thompson has discovered that the kamado is a wonderful all-round grill. Its ability to maintain precise temperatures means it can take on most any task-grilling, roasting, braising, steaming, even baking-guaranteeing a succulent result infused with delicious smoke flavour.

    Learn More
  5. Inverawe Seasons Cookbook

    A beautifully illustrated and truly delightful recipe book for any fans of smoked foods. Learn More
  6. In Praise of Bees

    A beautifully illustrated book filled with nuggets of bee science and practical beekeeping Learn More
  7. Home Book of Smoke Cooking

    Everything you need to know about smoke cooking for a beginner and more Learn More
  8. Good Game

    A departure in game cookery books, drawing together from all over Europe a wide range of recipes. Learn More
  9. Game & Fish Cookbook

    This book is absolutely packed with just about every game recipe imaginable Learn More
  10. Fit for Table

    Leading chef Mike Robinson has collaborated with Nick Ridley to prepare a step-by-step guide which is easy to follow Learn More

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