Essential Care for Dogs

Essential Care for Dogs

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This book is an introduction in how to provide your dog with a more natural way of life.


This book presents a completely fresh look at the care and keeping of dogs, approaching the whole concept from a holistic viewpoint. Working within the natural instincts and physique of the dog, the authors demonstrate how a healthier, happier dog is the key to a deeper and more enjoyable relationship between dog and owner. Mark Elliott, one of the foremost holistic veterinarians in the UK, and co-author Jackie Drakeford, well known in working dog circles, share their knowledge in a relaxed, easy and informative style in this unique guide for the modern dog owner.

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Sub Heading A Holistic Way of Life
ISBN 9781904057451
Author Jackie Drakeford & Mark Elliott
Binding Laminated Board,
Extent 234 x 156 mm, 208 pages,
Illustrations Colour photographs and line drawings throughout
Ebook No

'A comprehensive guide to caring for dogs from puppyhood to old age..... and takes an interest in a more natural approach to canine.' Dog's Monthly

'If you're interested in providing your dog with a more natural way of life, this book forms a perfect basic introduction to the subject..' Your Dog

'In this book she joins forces with top holistic vet Mark Elliott to present a fresh look at the care and keeping of dogs. Their message is that ensuring that your dog is healthy and happy is the key to a deep and enjoyable relationship with man's best friend..' Sporting Shooter

'This is a lovely hardback book, a good read and an invaluable stand-by.' The Field

'Packed with information and always easy to read. 9 out of 10.' Your Dog

'A really down to earth guide to successful dog ownership from all angles that anybody from beginner to expert will find useful and a joy to read.''An invaluable A-Z on canine healthcare.' Horse & Hound
'There are a few essentials that all dog owners need, and one of them is a good book on caring for your four-legged friend.  Jackie Drakeford and top holistic vet Mark Elliot have joined forces to present a fresh look at the care of dogs.  The result is Essential Care for Dogs, a Holistic Way of Life.  A really thoughtful gift for any owner".  Dogs Today

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